Canadian pre-nursing student planning to transfer to a Texas University

  1. I would like to transfer to a university in Texas as a pre-nursing student. I've checked out most of the university websites and I know that I'm supposed to apply for the university. However, do I just apply for the Nursing Program in order to obtain the BSN prerequisite courses or do I have to register for a bunch of nursing prerequisite courses after the university accepts me? Also, I don't finish school over here in Canada until April so how may I transfer all of my credits to a school in Texas? If anyone if anyone is in the same situation as myself please let me know what you have done. Furthermore, what are my chances of being accepted into a pre-nursing program as a Canadian university student?

    Thank you very much!
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  3. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Depending on the university you choose, the "rules" could be different.

    I know for most, such as UT-Arlington. You have to apply and be accepted to the university, do the pre-reqs that haven't been completed already, and then apply to the School of Nursing.

    Good luck to you!