Can you work during school?

  1. I will be getting in in January and I am planning to work part-time, but I was wondering how many hours do you work while going to school? Some people say you can't really work at all once you have clinicals, is this true?

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  3. by   NaomieRN
    I am going to nursing school part time and working full time (Mon-Fri). So far, I am doing well by the grace of God. I passed two semesters with excellent grades and I am doing well in psychiatric right now. I organize myself before school started. I keep everything in order at home. Time management is important for success.
  4. by   morgorm
    I didn't work at all the year I went to LPN school full time for 50 weeks....way too much to learn.
    I have worked F/T during the classes for every degree since.....ADN, BSN, MSN, BUT I did all those part time, on my own time, online !