Can someone go to LVN school with seizures

  1. hello to everyone.... I'm writing for my brother who has seizure disorder. He wants to go to school to be an lvn but we are not sure if they would allow him because of his sz d/o. We live in CA and everytime i call BVNPT (LVN boards) or write an e-mail, i don't get a response from them. I was wondering if its ok to go to LVN school if he has sz d/o. The reason I ask this is because few years back he was taking his cna classes at local ROP (regional occupational program) and he had a sz, the school later told him he has to drop because he wont be safe with patient, especially transferring them. he has sz occasionally but mostly happens when he's sleeping and rarely when his awake. he takes his meds routinely as well. please let me know if he could go to school so i could tell him the good news and he will b closer in fulfilling his dreams... thank you...
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