Cal State Hayward or Chabot College anyone?

  1. Hi all,

    I am a pre-pre-nursing student at this point and I am considering getting a BSN from California State University, Hayward campus. I initially leaned towards this option because in my online research, it was the only program in the vicinity that was properly accredited, as opposed to Chabot Community college.

    My questions are: have any of you attended this school before? have you graduated with a BSN? did you pass your NCLEX? how was your learning experience? would you recommend this program to others?

    Also: if you've attended Chabot College, how would you compare it to Cal State? what are the NCLEX passing rates for both?

    Big thanks in advance to all those who respond!
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  3. by   jojonikkih
    go to it has the pass rates of a lot of the schools in california. chabot is 91% and east bay (hayward) is 84%.