Best U.S. Cities for Nursing

  1. Hello all,

    What are the best major cities in the USA for nursing students and registered nurses? I plan to get my CNA degree this summer; in the fall, I want to move to a big city, where I will probably work as a CNA for a year before applying to RN programs. My ideal locations would by NYC, San Francisco, and basically, the most overcrowded and expensive cities in the country (Impractical I know, but...I'm 20. Isn't this the time in my life when I'm supposed to be impractical?)

    So my questions are these:
    1) In which cities is it possible to reasonably survive for a year or more on a CNA salary?
    2) Which cities have the best job opportunities?
    3) Which cities offer the best salaries for registered nurses/CNAs?

    Any other advice would be great as well! Thanks, -NR
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  3. by   2012hopeful
    Honestly I am not sure about a CNA specifically... but I do know that generally Houston has a lot of nursing jobs available and their cost of living is much lower than other big cities. Definitely pays more than any other place in the South! I know you were looking at other regions, but maybe just a consideration...