Austin Texas! How can I work in a hospital while taking prereqs?

  1. I am finishing up my pre-requisites and was thinking of taking a phlebotamy certification class or CNA class? I live in Austin Texas where can i take cna classes? i dont want to work in nursing home but want to be doing something in the hospital. ANy ideas?
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  3. by   daniedi77
    Texas uses alot of CNA's and PCTas well as phlebotomists. Try local community colleges. I went to a technical school for Medical Assistant and phlebotomy and was charges THOUSANDS of dollars. Still paying the loans from over 10 years again and starting to pay for Nursing school now. Both CNA and phlebotomist will help you out in Nursing and patient care. Good Luck.
  4. by   michaboo
    What is a pct? or what do they do? I want to work in a hospital and afraid with a cna certificate i will have to work in a nursing home setting which i dont want to do
  5. by   daniedi77
    A PCA is a Patient care Tech, pretty much the same as a CNA. They get vitals,blood sugars, baths,ect. A CNA is not limitied to nursing homes. When you look for jobs alot use PCT or PCA, assistant or tech, but its all the same.