Applying for nursing school in the fall

  1. 0Hello to anyone with tips and advice,
    I wanted to know how can I stand out compare to other applicants besides having good grades. Like is there any Certification I should get or work experience?
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  3. by   Glucagon
    Depends entirely on the program, what they'll even look at, and what they care about. If a program only looks at GPA and testing scores, then there is no way that they'll even find out about this certificate or that experience because they're only going to look at your grades, etc. They aren't going to go deeper into something that doesn't matter to them. If there's an essay or interview or resume, then I could see healthcare experience or a CNA cert helping some because it'll show you know a bit more than the average person about healthcare and what you are getting into. However, that's not a sure thing unless the program specifically mentions it or gives extra points for having a CNA cert, etc.