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Anybody get an A in Chem or BioChem??? Just wondering if thats possible LOL Sounds crazy. :lol_hitti... Read More

  1. by   rgrgray
    you guys are great thanks for the kind words
  2. by   Fugitive
    I got an A in both my chemistry classes and it really wasn't too hard.

    Though I have to say that these weren't the typical chem classes. They were for nursing. CHM 1020 was general inorganic chemistry and CHM 1030 was organic and biochemistry.

    Anyways... It was definitely the easiest of all the prerequisites. My favorite class though was Anatomy & Physiology.

    Good luck in chemistry!
  3. by   smk1
    Quote from FNPhopeful
    Anybody get an A in Chem or BioChem??? Just wondering if thats possible LOL

    Sounds crazy. :lol_hitti
    I did. I isn't too bad if you have a good memory for the formulas and rules and know how to set up the equations. Just block off plenty of study time and do any practice questions that may be in the book or online. Get help early if you are struggling because every concept builds from the first one, so if you don't understand something early on and don't fix it you will be up the creek later. Good luck!
  4. by   Christian_SN
    yeppers, i got an 'A' too! Chem classes were the only classes that ever challenged me. - that is until Nursing school !!
  5. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    I have 2 more weeks to go and have a 93% so far. I honestly don't know how I'm getting an A because I just cannot retain the information. My chemistry knowledge is all short-term it seems.
  6. by   nursinguy
    Just remember that grades are relative to the instructor you get. A (A) in one class can be a (C+) in another class. So grades dont mean you know more or are a better student only you got a easyer instructor than someone else. Some student pick the easyest instructor they can to maintain a 4.0, but send them a hard-assed instructor from hell, BAm their goes their 4.0.