Anyone else not have to take the final in A&P 1 and College Algebra?

  1. I didn't have to take the final in either of these two classes. Both instructors said that I have an A without the finals , hence I didn't need to take them to get my A. I was talking to a friend of mine and she got really upset and said that our community college doesn't allow anyone to not take the finals in these classes. Anyone else not have to take the finals for these two classes?
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  3. by   jackson145
    I didn't need to, but they never offered. I just considered it extra practice for things I might use later. Also, our ANP 2 final was cumulative including all of ANP 1, so I didn't want to forget things after another 16 wks.
  4. by   EeyoreAddict
    Our final is optional also!! YEAH!!!

    It is taking all I have just to maintain my C so I am doing a happy dance!!!

  5. by   jessica<3RN
    We had six exams, and the final was comprehensive. Luckily I had a 98 average, so I was excluded from the final. Taking the final would have been unnecessary grade wise, but would have been a good refresher.