Anyone else apply to EMU?

  1. Just wondering if anyone else applied to Eastern Michigan University for the Fall. I applied Jan. 2 and letters won't go out until early June. Talk about anxiety! I have not found anyone on this entire site that graduated from, plans on going, or currently enrolled in EMU's program. Would be nice to hear from someone.
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  3. by   kfitz
    Hi Ms. Anxious! I also applied in May. I heard a lot of people applied for the program - including traditional and 2nd degree. I'm anxiously awaiting too. I went to EMU for my undergrad and liked the school. I never had any problems talking with the people in the Nursing dept. either. They were very helpful. I just hope not everyone has a 4.0 in pre-reqs. I think that they start the point system there then add points for teas, where your classes were taken, health care experience etc. Have you heard anything about the application process??