Anybody else applying to NS schools in the Miami Area?

  1. Doesn't the wait between finals and grades suck? Almost as bad as the wait between applying to a school and receiving an acceptance or denial letter from that school.

    Good luck to all those who are waiting!!!

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  3. by   dejones3
    what nursing school are you applying to?
  4. by   akspudus
    Barry University
    Miami Dade College

  5. by   VaneJimenez
    Do you know if there is a waiting list for the MDC nursing program? I've done my prerequisites and I've been told there is a HUGE waiting list to get in the program. Is this true? Or rumors? I'm considering going to Keiser because they have already accepted me to start in Feb. 09, but the cost is soooooooooooooo much more than MDC, it's $6500 a semester. Any info would be great, thanks! :uhoh21: I'm so nervous about the whole situation