Any Grayson County Students out there

  1. Hey is there any Grayson County Nursing Students out there. If so do you have any advice on the programs your ups and downs? Even if you not a Grayson student do you have anything you would like to share I'm so excited to be at this point but so scared of the unknown!!! Does any body know about how many points you need to have a good shot of getting into Grayson's program? Ive heard its very competitive because we are so close to DFW. Ive turned my application in after 3 years of pre-nursing courses I'm finally able to put in my application and hope I'm one of the 60 out of 300 to get in. I cant wait for June to get here.
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  3. by   kace081106
    I am in the same boat as you. I have no idea how many points are needed. I have 26 out of 30 and have taken everything so I hope it is enough. June will be here before we know it. Good Luck!!