Any good Web site for fundamentals of nursing?

  1. hi,i am using "fundamentals of nursing-concepts, process and practice 7th ed,by snyder, didd anyone use that one too, i am looking for some powerpoint lecture or any study guide can summerize little bit abt the material, can anybody can give me a hand recommand some web for me?
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  3. by   lilbitloa
    googled "fundamentals of nursing" and got a website called Free Education On the Internet -- Free-Ed.Net

    hope that helps.
  4. by   SummerGarden
    This is the Pre-Nursing forum. You are may want to join us on the Nursing Students Assistance forum. Browse around and do a search on some of the topics related to fundamentals. If your question has not been asked and answered, then be sure to post. There are MANY people on there that can help. Good luck. I start in a few weeks.