Any advice on background checks with convictions? HELP??

  1. My sister and I are applying for the BSN program here in Southern Cali. My sister has a conviction on her record of a Class A misdemeanor (for stupid shoplifting as a college prank) and this conviction occurred in December 2006 (we are applying for entry to the August 2007 BSN program).

    Question is: Since the conviction was LESS THAN ONE YEAR AGO, the misdemeanor will definitely affect her clinical placement at hospitals during the program. If she gets accepted into the program with me, do you think she should go forward with the courses or is it likely that halfway into the program, she will be UNCLEARED from background checks (at hospitals) to complete the BSN program?

    I would love to do this program with my sister but we are unsure what to do. PLEASE HELP! ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    You need to check with the school's admission office and maybe even the board of nursing in your state. This gets off into legal advice and All Nurses can't help in that arena. Take care. traumarus