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  1. Hello, I am registered to take the NET on Feb 5th and I was wondering if anyone who has taken the test, can remember how much algebra was on it?! I have the study guide that the school recommended, and I am good to go...until I hit equations on the algebra level. :imbar ie: (x2+3x)-(x2+2x+3) Anyways, I guess my question is if I don't ever figure it out , do I still have a chance of passing the test if I know everything up to there? (which I do) That is the highest that the study guide goes, so I am hoping it doesn't go past that. If it does, I am in trouble! :uhoh21:
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  3. by   FocusRN
    I would say there were less than 10 algebra question total. Most of the math part of the test was just basic arithmetic. But as long as you really study the study guide you should be fine.
  4. by   klone
    The types of questions on the test are same types of questions on the study guide, so there should be no surprises.
  5. by   AdobeRN
    That is the hardest they get. I took the test last spring and there were maybe 10 algebra questions...very basic. I remember there being alot of fractions, percentages, decimal type of questions...stuff you rarely use. Like the others your study guide and you will do fine.
  6. by   nurse2be2007
    Here are a few websites that I have found to be of great help in reviewing for the NET as far as the Math section goes. Check out and These are both great math websites, very easy to follow and the simplify the more difficult algebra equations. Good luck.

    Oh and if you want to see a list of other math websites check out
  7. by   NavyWife
    Thank you all for the responses! I will check out those websites, hopefully they will help. My hubby had been trying to teach it to me, but I just end up mad at him, so he kind of gave up. Anyways, thanks again!!!