A.D to B.S.N?

  1. Hi again, so heres whats new. I am in community college as a liberal arts major with a 2.2 gpa. By end of june, my gpa should be just above a 3.0 with the classes I'm taking right now. So I have the option of graduating from there with an associates degree in liberal arts next year after fall classes. Is that an option that makes sense? or not really. would appreciate a little help, I will take anything! Thank you!!!
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  3. by   idkmybffjill
    Yes, you should be able to get an Associate in Arts and then apply for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Double-check with an academic adviser at your college, however. Also ensure you know what prereq courses you need to complete for the BSN, as they might not be a requirement for you to get your AA but will be something you'll need for a BSN.

    If you want to go for your ADN rather than a BSN though, it wouldn't really be useful to get an AA. At that point, you'd just want to finish any prereqs and apply for an ADN.