A&P I and II at the same time

  1. Has anyone taken A&P I and II at the same time? Suggestions? I'm hoping I can do this and apply at my local community college and get into the Fall 2012 RN program.

    Currently I'm working full time at a job I LOVE, but it's just not what I'm called to do. I'm meant to be a nurse so I'm going back to school and thrilled about it. Problem is that the com. college only takes Fall applicants so I would need to try to knock these out this Fall along with Nutrition and my Humanities Elective in order to apply by March.

    Any tips or experience you can share would be SO very appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   tnt714
    i am not sure of any schools that will even allow you to take a&p 1 and 2 at the same time.. it could be different where you are from but no schools where i am from will allow that. ap1 is a pre-req to ap2 .. i am interested to know if that is allowed at your school or at any other schools? but even if i could have taken both i wouldnt have.. taking them separately was enough work in itself!
  4. by   ChattNurseHopeful
    It may not be allowed, but I am just looking into it. I can't find anywhere that it says they can't be taken in the same semester. I know you can take A&P 2 at the same time as Micro, but I definitely don't want to do that.

    It might help that I did take Anatomy and Physiology (subjects were separate classes instead of I and II) at a university when I was getting my bachelors, but because it has been over 5 years I have to take them again. I'm hopeful that IF I can take I and II together, the fact that I have seen the material before will really benefit me.

    If I can do this, I'm going to go ahead and re-learn the bones and read through some of my old notes (...if I still have them) to help ease me back in as much as possible.

    I'm looking at Chattanooga State Technical Community College in case you want to take a look. Here's a link to the breakdown of all the pre-req's that have to be taken prior to getting into the RN program. http://www.chattanoogastate.edu/alli...e/rn_core.html

    Thanks for your help! Any further advice is MORE than welcome.
  5. by   vegasmomma
    All the schools here in Vegas require A&P 1 as pre-req and to be posted before being allowed to take A&P 2. I have heard of people taking A&P 2 at the same time as micro and doing well in both. Much of micro is review of immune system you learn in a&p anyway.
  6. by   MICHRNTOB
    We aren't allowed to take A&P II before A&P I and personally I would find it confusing. However, I understand that you've taken the classes before, which might make it easier for you. Can you take one of them this summer? Or, if you do decide to take them concurrently, could you take the nutrition and/or Humanities this summer?

    The thing is that if your program is like most, you'll want to get an A or B in A&P to be competitive. You are going to be dealing with A LOT of information with the schedule you described. Will you also be working full-time?

    This is just my take on the things. Maybe you can pull if off, but I personally would not have tried it.
    Good luck
  7. by   Twinmom06
    Penn State does separate Anatomy and Physiology courses - its impossible to take them together as one is offered in the fall only and one in the spring (although Anatomy is offered in the summer)...I took Physiology AND Micro in spring semester and did well enough in both to get into the fall program!
  8. by   MICHRNTOB
    FYI, I looked in your school's catalog and it says you CANNOT take A&P I/II concurrently. Maybe you could get a waiver.
  9. by   keepmovingrn
    There are some schools that will let you take A+P I and II together (not my school). There are threads on here where students have taken both together so it can be done. And as far as the ealier comment about taking II before I....There isnt anything confusing about it......A+P I covers the first half and II covers the 2nd half of A+P. The problem is that is it a ALOT of memorizing. Me personally, couldnt do it, but it you have a reason for a certain goal you have set for yourself, then go for it.
    You do want to be sure you get at the LEAST a "B". To me getting a "C" in A+P would be like failing.
    Only you know what you can and cant handle. Good luck!
  10. by   ChattNurseHopeful
    MICHRNTOB: Thank you for your responses! I was hoping to take A&P I this summer, but couldn't get into a class due them all being full. An opening was available in one class, but it was already a week into class and with it being a summer course I know that would be WAY too much to catch up on. Most likely I wouldn't have been admitted anyways. If I can take A&P I and II at the same time, I will be quitting my full-time job so to be a full-time student and pretty much just bust my tail this semester to get all my pre-req's done except Micro. Can you tell me where you saw I and II can't be taken at the same time. I went back again and still can't find it. Since I've taken them before, I think there's a good chance the comm. college will allow me to do this. I go to a nursing informational and meet with an advisor tomorrow so *fingers crossed*. I'm so nervous about quitting my amazing job to follow my dream, but I know it will be worth it! I'm only 25 so there's no better time than the present

    Thanks for the experience keepmovinlpn!!
  11. by   MICHRNTOB
    I found it in the school catalog. I had to dig around a bit, but it did say that the courses may not be taken concurrently. However, like you said they may grant you a waiver since you are repeating the courses. In my school, these courses really did need to be taken in sequence because they built on each other. But I am sure there are many variations in A&P courses. Good luck.
    btw I at my school AP1 is not a prereq for AP2...my friend took them both and got B's
  13. by   AprilAnney
    Are you sure that your credits from your previous bachelor's won't transfer? I was 8 years out of school and my credits transferred. I was under the assumption that credits "expired" after 10 years, but that's not the case apparently. I guess it varies school by school?
    Also, since you already have a bachelors, have you considered doing an accelerated nursing program? There are a lot of programs that give supplemental courses along with clinicals and you can earn your BSN in 12-15 months. It's hardcore, but completely manageable!
    Best of luck to you & I hope that you can get your courses done in time!
    I found myself in your shoes about this time last year and made a complete life change. I've been elbow-deep in A&P, Micro, and other prereqs and I'm loving every minute of it! I'm hoping to get in to my school's Spring '12 nursing class, so I've been busting my hump to crank out all the prereqs (and the prereqs for my prereqs!).
  14. by   ChattNurseHopeful
    April: My previous classes do transfer, but won't count toasted my nursing application because sciences have to be taken withinnthe last 5 years. Ad for an accelerated program, that would be wonderful! BUT I don't have a good GPA at all from my bachelors because I goofed off way too much (2.34 to be exact...). Sonim taking the long road, but determined now more than ever. Are you applying to an accelerated program? Good luck with your current courses! You can do it!! When do you find out about the spring acceptance? Very exciting!! Best of luck!