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Pre-NCLEX, when to apply for first job?


Hi all,

I am completing my nursing program within the next month and hope to sit for NCLEX by the end of June, if all goes to plan. I'm seeing many members saying they started applying for their first RN job while they were still in school pre-NCLEX, and I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? I'm curious what the experience has been for those in Mass & RI.

knittygrittyRN, MSN, RN

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Your program should give you guidance on this. This is what I did during my senior year at school (in CT) and I was hired at my current facility a few months before graduation. On the condition that the offer was valid if I passed my NCELX if not I forfeited the offer and would have to reapply again later. My school gave us tips on interviews and resumes and had job fairs where we could submit our resumes for offers.

That said I know plenty of people from my BSN program that were looking for jobs still at the one year mark, so I say start early and see what you can get!