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Pre hearing consent order with reprimand

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i have a a criminal history. I was a drunk and had many alcohol related charges the last being 8 years ago

have applied to the state of Virginia for an RN license. after much correspondence back and for the they have offered me a " Pre-Hearing consent order" the letter says this will approve my request to apply for licensure by examination AND reprimand me

does any one know what this reprimand means. and is it a kiss of death negating the value of even getting a license.

is it visible to potential employers and again is something they will consider unacceptable.

i do have the option of refusing the consent order and getting a audience at an "informal conference"

It likely means that you will be placed in a monitoring program for a minimum specified period of time and include frequent urine tox screens, 12 step meetings (AA), and possibly supervision by a psychiatrist and/or psychologist. You will have to pay to be in the program, pay for the urine screens and annual "administrative" fees.

Good luck whatever you decide.

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You can be reprimanded even before being licensed. Good grief.