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There are a lot of threads about this but some are quite old, so, same general question.Im moving to another state for this job so this is weighing heavily on my mind. My pre employment physical form asks about all systems, all medications. I'm just over 50 years old, of course I have some back pain, arthritis, ( prescribed opioids) HTN, hypothyroid etc. My son committed suicide, as a result I'm taking psychiatric meds and have a couple psychiatric diagnosises. Im working in an acute care hospital on the floor, the new job is an acute care hospital on the floor and I'm fit to work. I have an excellent track record with the employer I'm leaving and have worked there for 21 years. I don't want to discuss my son's death and aftermath. I don't want to disclose all my medical history. It feels invasive and I'm also worried it will be held against me after all this upheaval of moving to a new state. I could get there and suddenly have no job.Any opinions on how this may go? Thank you.

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Any chance you could come off the psych meds before the move?