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Practice Development in Correctional Nursing

Specializes in ICU, Paeds ICU, Correctional, Education.


I work in the correctional health care system in Australia. A recent work place culture survey revealed systemic problems. Based on some work which had been done in another nursing setting and was quite successful, it was decided to embark on a two year project to change the culture of correctional nurses using the principles of Practice Development and Emancipatory Learning founded by Brendan McCormack in Belfast, Ireland. I am wondering if these ideologies or methodologies have been implemented in correctional health facilities anywhere else and if so what was the experience. Many thanks in anticipation.


Specializes in ICU, Paeds ICU, Correctional, Education.

Hi.....thank you for your interest. It's a massive movement and Google will provide a wealth of information. Some concept information can be found here http://www.achse.org.au/nsw/seminars/25oct07_mccormack.ppt. We have received funding to roll out a program over two years with the philosophy that culture change is driven from the bottom up rather than from the top down. Our universities are offering Masters programs in Practice Development and there seems to be a huge ground swell in the UK, AUS and some countries in EUROPE. I hope this helps...Cheers


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