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Practical nursing student visa

Hello. I am a nurse in the philippines i graduated last 2015 and i have no hospital experience. I am planning on studying practical nursing in fleming college ontario. But i am afraid that i would be rejected on my student visa as i am already a bsn graduate. Anyone who is a philippine nurse and studied practical nursing in canada? Need your thoughts. Thank you.

Yes, some IENs have done this route, but it is not a good route to take, because after completing the program it's unlikely you will be offered a job in Canada. There is a surplus (not a shortage) of local qualified RPNs and RNs who are competing for jobs and the health care employers must follow labour laws and union contract agreements and offer the job to the local qualified nurses first, before they offer the job to nurses who are on visas.

The better route to take, is to gain RN experience in Philippines, save money and complete all of the steps to become licensed in Ontario and to immigrate to Canada. Migrate after you complete the majority of the steps, that way you can obtain your license relatively quickly after you land.

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