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Hey y’all, just wondering what your facilities are actually doing for PPE during birth for non-Covid patients? Are they still allowing water labor/ birth? Nitrous?

Hello! We don't have water births at my hospital or nitrous. Patients (COVID- or COVID pending, asymptomatic) are allowed 1 support person while on L&D, but once they are transferred to postpartum care the support person must leave the hospital. During labor, all medical personnel wear PPE for airborne precautions (including N95) regardless of COVID status.

Stay safe out there!

labordude, BSN, RN

Specializes in L&D, OBED, NICU, Lactation. Has 15 years experience.

It's insane. We're wearing N95 + regular surgical mask + hair covering + face shield for the entire shift. We don't have a tub in my main facility. We don't have nitrous yet, and we are delaying its introduction due to potential for aerosolized viral particles. Heck, we are trying to avoid using non-rebreathers.

Yeah we switched to 2L nasal cannula from non-rebreathers for resuscitation too!

klone, MSN, RN

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PPE with surgical mask for second stage for non-COVID. PPE with N95 for COVID+/PUI. No on water birth , no on nitrous.