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powerpoints to share?

by klacava7 klacava7 (New) New

I am an ABSN student in Nashville, TN, who really enjoys looking at different powerpoints. I have found a few schools who've posted their ppts online and that are available to whoever looks for them(ie. LSU's nursing school 's pharmacology content). Does any one have ppt's to share?? I have a few, but I'll have to figure out how to get them on here. Thanks!:yeah:

If you do have powerpoints from your school(especially those with pictures!!):jester:, then please contact me! I'd love to have them to study with.


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I have a ton...wanna trade?

sure. how can we do that?:yeah:


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I have a ton...wanna trade?

I know this is a long shot BUUUUUUUT....would you still happen to have any of you powerpoints??

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