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Post RPN to RN Distance Ed in Canada

Cass.M Cass.M (New) New

Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone knew about different distance ed or accelerated programs to go from RPN to RN?

I know Athabasca currently has a d/e program offered, was wondering if people knew of others in Canada that are distance ed? (Post RPN to RN)

or an accelerated RN program in Ontario?

I have school debt up to my yingyang and I don't think I could sit through another 3 years in school (through the 1 yr bridge and 2 yrs school) while inching by with few work ours and little income. I just want to get out to the working world, make money, and enjoy the nursing field!

And as much as RPN is fascinating and I love the patient connection you can get; the pay of RN is very attractive; especially with the cost of living now-a-days. . .

Any advice?