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Post master's ?

OkieNP OkieNP (New) New

I know schools like UMASSBoston have a 12 credit post master's to change your NP speciality from say PNP to FNP where essentially you just have to take the adult semester, since you're already working as an NP. I was wondering if anyone knew of a similar program to go from FNP to PNP? I have looked at standard post master's but they are 35+ credits. I already am an FNP and I already work with children as an NP. Basically I just want to take the complex care class PNPs take and do a few rotation hours so I can also be a PNP... I already have basic primary care peds classes as an FNP... All the programs I've seen would take 1.5-2 years :( not to mention $25,000

Every post-master's program I have looked at (different specialties, but same idea as yours) requires you to do all the ANCC-required hours of clinicals (i.e., 500 hours). You also have to meet all the course/educational requirements. I don't think ANCC would let you sit for the exam without doing both of those things.