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Post masters DNP CA


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I am currently an FNP (new grad) and I am planning of continuing to a DNP Program Post Masters. I am looking for programs out of state and within CA that are reputable but will not cost me an arm and leg. I already spent $$$ for my MSN and I don't really want to do that again.
I am looking at UT Arlington and the University of Nevada - Reno (both is less than 20k I think). If anyone has any suggestions or currently attending any of these programs, please let me know. How do you like it? Is it doable? My project is just a continuation of what I did in my MSN. We had 2 translational research class and I am just hoping of refining my project, redo a better appraisal and implementing it in a site.

Thanks everyone and stay safe!

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jeanbeth, MSN, DNP, RN

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Check out Touro University Nevada. 


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Hi any update? I am in the same boat, looking for the quickest, most affordable online  program.