Working during FNP School.

  1. I was hoping to be ready to apply to a NP program within a year. Thing is, I wonder if graduate programs take into account that a lot of students have families and cannot afford to quit working?

    I know I sure can't.

    Or do they expect you to go into debt and live on student loans?

    I wouldn't want to compromise on a good education but at the same time I wonder if they try to accomodate working people?
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  3. by   carachel2
    I am currently in an FNP program that allows students to enroll at all levels: full-time (3 classes at a time); part time (either one or two classes at a time). Of course it is much slower to go one or two classes at a time, but I am still getting it done and I have time for a LIFE and I work part-time also.

    I think you have to look around a bit, but the programs are out there.
  4. by   sirI
    Here is a thread about this topic found in the NP forum:
  5. by   dembry
    i just graduated from the np program this may actually. i did work part-time, but you do need to have a flexable schedule to study