Where to apply? Johns Hopkins, Duke, UPenn, Kent State, Rush, more?

  1. Hello All,

    I just completed my BSN (finally) and am now undergoing the time-consuming process of researching graduate programs to apply to.

    Focusing on MSN programs with a concentration in Leadership/Healthcare Systems, I would like to attend a school that is highly decorated in Nursing Education. Three of the programs listed here have received NLN CNE awards in varying categories.

    I wanted to know if anyone has attended the [online/distance] MSN or DNP programs at any of these institutions? What was your experience with the faculty/school environment as a whole? Would you recommend your school? What did you find troublesome or did not enjoy?

    Again those schools are Johns Hopkins, Duke, UPenn, Kent State, and Rush. I also wouldn't mind hearing about any other great schools you attended that you would recommend!

    Background on me if it's helpful:
    Currently located in South Florida
    RN for 6+ years
    BSN GPA 3.95
    ~4yrs Critical Care
    PCCN certified, sitting for CCRN in July
    ~2yrs in leadership positions (Charge Nurse, House Supervisor, Asst. Nurse Mgr)

    Thank you all in advance!
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