UCSF NNP Program

  1. I'm looking for some feedback on UCSF's NNP program from anyone who has attended. Did you feel that you got a good education, good clinical experience? Was it as challenging as you thought it was going to be? Were the professors good? Would you recommend the program? Was there adequate scholarships/financial aid? Were most of your clinical experience at UCSF Medical Center? How easy/hard was it for you to find a job after you graduated? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
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  3. by   JjoBsn

    How far did you get with obtaining info about this program and/or applying? I'm interested in applying too for Spring 2012 or summer 2012. Please let me know, thanks!
  4. by   mrgershom
    Anyone have any feedback on UCSF nnp programs?