UCSF MSN applicants 2010

  1. I am wondering how many of you applied to UCSF's MSN program for 2010? I applied to the FNP specialty and am anxiously awaiting my acceptance/rejection letter. Are any of you re-applicants? This is my first time applying so I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of when the aceptance/rejection letters are mailed and/or posted to the application website.

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  3. by   Sandman2855
    Hey. There is already an active discussion thread on this topic at UCSF MEPN Applicants for 2010 entry.

    To answer, they said postmarked by March 1st at the interviews but someone said they called and were told to expect to hear around March 15th
  4. by   Marg2010
    Thanks for your reply. It looks like that thread is for the MEPN program? I have applied to the MSN program (for nurses who already have a BSN & RN license). Are you a current applicant as well?

    Best wishes!