1. Can anyone give me an idea what the first year of this program was like schedule wise? Specifically did you have classes/clinicals every day of the week/ weekend? Can you share your experiences and what you would have liked to know before going in?

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  3. by   Karotte
    We don't have clinicals on the weekend (except one weekend, when we were scheduled on a Sunday. That was an exception.)

    This was our schedule in a nutshell:
    1st quarter
    3 days of class
    2 days clinical (8 hrs each)

    2nd quarter
    2 days of class
    2 days of clinical(12 hours each)

    3rd quarter
    2 days of class
    2 days of clinical (12 hrs each)
    1 day of class
    4 days of clinical (6 hours each)

    I'm not sure what the final quarter will look like. If you have any specific questions, feel free to message me.
  4. by   jaxnaud
    Hi thanks for the info. It's funny- I was looking through old threads to try and see when people got their letters, and I saw your posts going through the waiting period and finally getting accepted. Now you're the pro giving advice