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  1. I am in a bit of a strange situation. I entered a second-degree Master's entry program about a year ago, and I'll take the NCLEX in December. The program I'm in gives us all the classes that are included in a BSN curriculum, but does not actually award us a BSN degree. After we take the NCLEX, we work full-time while taking part-time coursework for a few years to finally get our MSN.

    For a variety of reasons I am considering transferring schools for the MSN portion of my education, after I take RN / BSN coursework and take the NCLEX. Since I have a non-nursing Bachelor's, there are some schools out there that will let me apply for their MSN programs. For example, UW in Seattle allows people with RN licenses and non-nursing Bachelor's to apply directly to their MSN programs. A few other schools I've looked at are Yale, Columbia, and University of Illinois. Does anyone know of any additional programs that allow this sort of switching?

    I realize that I could also just do a RN to BSN or a RN to MSN, but these programs generally require that you spend a year doing coursework that is already included in my current program. I would really like to avoid having to repeat anything as much as possible, so ideally I am looking for a program that would let me jump right in. Thanks for any suggestions.
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