Seattle University APNI Fall 2018

  1. Anyone else applying to the Fall 2018 cohort for Seattle U? I'm applying there for the FNP spot, mainly because they didn't have acute care, so I went with something that I could hit all patient populations. I'm applying here, Vandy, MGH, Simmons, and Rochester. What are your stats? Where else are you applying?
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  3. by   tta94
    Thanks for starting this thread! I've applied to OSU and WesterU. I'm procrastinating a little on this application but I'm planning on applying to FNP. Anyone know how long our personal statement is supposed to be? Or within what limits?
  4. by   arockenhaus1
    Mine was a little under 2 pages. Since I applied to multiple programs, all of which required a personal statement, I made a general one that fit within all of the limits, and tried to cover as many bases as I could.