Richard Stockton College of NJ

  1. hi I have taken some classes at this school, if anyone has completed it or had any experience good or bad please share. Also if you finished how long did it take you to find a job?
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  3. by   shortcourt321
    Horrible experience. I attended Rutgers undergrad- earned my BSN, 3.85 GPA, Member of Sigma Theta Tau... accepted into Stockton's MSN program and it is pitiful when compared to my undergraduate education. It is embarrassing going to clinical and having your preceptor tell you that "I hate having Stockton students because they are unprepared and the school is horrible to work with". Not to mention they expelled one student in my class already for "academic dishonesty" and are doing it again to another- and both are clearly innocent, just the target of one professor. Out of such a small program they offer no student support what so ever and its a disgrace. I am currently transferring out so I can actually learn.