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  1. Hi How is everybody?
    My name is Valerie. I graduated from a BSN program this year. I am also going back to school for the MSN degree. I will specialize in Oncology Nursing/Palliative Care at the End of Life. I am also interested in the End of Life care that is provided to patients in the ICU units. In a year, I will be required to complete Clinical Practicums of several types. I am looking for clinical opportunities as an NP student. Does somebody knows the clinical sites available for NP students to work as part of their clinical practicum? Does somebody work in a clinical setting and would agree to become a preceptor for me as an NP student? I would agree to accept partially-paid or non-paid opportunity and work with either NP or MD on a part time basis for the current year since I will be able to enroll in Clinical Practicum courses only next Fall. I am interested in the following nursing specialties: Oncology, MedSurg, Telemetry, ICU.
    Thanks for your time and attention.
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