MHA or MHA/MBA online? Cheapest and most reputable?

  1. Hello,

    I'm from Ontario, Canada and looking into taking my Masters online, but would like to know which school to do it through? I'm hoping to keep the costs to a minimum, but would like the most reputable school.

    I was told University of Phoenix has some great programs offered. Anyone agree? Where else? I'm hoping to do my MHA, or a combination of my MHA and MBA together if offered.

    Also, how does the pricing work? I see it's in the range of 350/hr/credit?
    If each class is 3 credits and requires 31 credits total, is it giong to cost me 350x31 credits? I don't understand the pricing system for each credit.

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  3. by   lost_ielts
    hi x-treme wish u had ur degree by now
    am abit confused of what to study is mba or pharma D i think both leads to work in buisness ,or its what am looking for at least uselful to get a dual degree ?an what is the good combination with MBA ist rish managment,MHA,OR somthing technincal like bio-medical sience ?