International Student Eligible For Teaching Assistantship or Aid?

  1. Hey there!

    I'm going to be a graduating with a BSN from a US university (Binghamton U). Graduating in 2008 actually. I wanted to pursue graduate school and become a FNP or ANP, however, I'm an international student and in search of any healthcare institution or university that offers aid, assistantships or scholarships to international students without filling the FAFSA.

    Studying and pursuing a masters degree can be really really expensive and leave you in-debt! I believe that I I could do so much and contribute to the health with research and things I'm most passionate for. My intention is to get into grad schools, do research and become an educator as the world is in need of capable educators and researchers in the nursing arena.

    Here are some of the schools I would be applying:

    1.Columbia University
    4.Yale University
    5.University of Virginia
    6.University of Wisconsin-Madison
    7.Duke University
    8.Georgetown University
    10.University of Washington, Seattle

    Please reply if you have any information relevant.

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