Interested in UPENN and a UC Berkeley student?

  1. the pre-nursing society of uc berkeley is hosting filomena circelli, the admissions representative for the accelerated nursing program at the university of pennsylvania on friday, nov 2 at 4pm in 260 mulford hall. i know some current and former berkeley students read this forum, so please feel free to attend!

    [color=maroon][font=century]are you considering a career as a nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, or nurse anesthetist? are you thinking about attending nursing school for your bsn and/or msn?

    [font=century]please join the university of pennsylvania school of nursing on:

    [color=maroon][font=century]friday, november 2, 2007[color=maroon][font=century] at 4pm the at the
    [color=maroon][font=century]university[color=maroon][font=century] of california[color=maroon][font=century], berkeley in the
    [color=maroon][font=century]college of natural resources student resources center
    [color=maroon][font=century]260 mulford hall

    [font=century]an admissions representative will be presenting on the accelerated nursing programs offered at penn nursing, such as the bsn second degree, bsn/msn with over 17 msn specialties as well as the admissions timeline and process.

    [font=century]i look forward to seeing you,

    [font=century]filomena circelli
    [font=century]associate director of accelerated programs
    [font=century]university[font=century] of pennsylvania[font=century] school of nursing
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