FNP-prestige or price???

  1. Okay, I am looking for anyone that may have advice when deciding on a FNP grad school program. I have already applied and been accepted to 4 schools in the Boston area. Originally my primary choice was BC because it is such a well ranked program, the downside is the cost. UMass would be ideal financially as I am eligible for tuition money from my employer because it is a state school. I have also heard very good things about the program at Simmons, but again it is on the pricey side. I really wasn't expecting to get into every school I applied to and honestly was not prepared to have to make such a tough decision in such a short time frame. I applied for the spring term so I really need to make my decision in the next week.

    Has anyone gone to any of these programs? Any information or insight in to deciding which route to take (prestige or price) is greatly appreciated.
  2. Poll: When choosing a grad school, which should be more important? prestige/name or price?

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