Can you defer the UCSF MEPN?

  1. Hi All:

    Any one know if it's possible to defer a place on the UCSF MEPN program until the following year?

    I'm feeling burned out and not realy to start in 3 months, but REALLY don't want to lose my place.

    Any ideas?
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  3. by   krysprout
    I'd give the student affairs office a call and just ask. I know that you can defer Columbia for a medical reason and seem to be able to at OHSU for no reason at all, but am not sure about any other programs... Good luck!
  4. by   ysinx
    I'm curious as to if you ever got an answer about this.
    I don't know yet if I was accepted for the mepn program, but i'm feeling very much like you were last year (or the year before?).

    Any info you have would be greatly appreciated!
  5. by   star77
    I would be surprised if you could, but this question is one for the office.
  6. by   tho126
    just curious. did anyone find out the answer?
  7. by   ysinx
    No, you cannot defer.