Any current GEPN students at Yale out there!!!??

  1. Hello,
    I would really like to talk with a student at Yale in the GEPn program as soon as possible. I have a huge decision to make and really need some advice. How many students are admitted to the program based off of how many students are offered an interview? THank you!!
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  3. by   May_baby
    Not a current GEPN student...

    You could call Student Services at YSN and ask them for a straight answer.

    I'll throw an estimate out based on LovingPecola's (current student you could PM) statement about her class size which I think was estimated at about 85-90.

    I'm going to bet that YSN interviews 150-200 applicants but you'll need to get a clear answer on this.

    I haven't looked at your previous posts but if you've been offered a place at UIC or the like... TAKE IT!!!! They wouldn't offer you the opportunity if they didn't think you could handle it and an extra plus is that you'll be eons ahead of the rest of us still in the waiting game.

    If you are stressed about getting what you need together for the school you just got an offer from post like crazy in the general nursing student forum. I'm sure you'll get a lot of help with finding uniforms, books, financial aid set up, etc.