1. I'm enrolled in an ANP program and recently talked to a physician regarding FNPs. He was going to hire an ANP then the NP told him he wasn't certified for pediatrics. Will going for ANP limit my opportunities as opposed to FNP?
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  3. by   Dixiecup
    ANP qualifies you to work for ages 13 to death.

    FNP qualifies you to with ages birth to death.

    I was going to go the ANP route because I thought it would be a little easier, but I go to thinking if I got a really good offer from a clinic or something and I had to turn it down because I couldn't do peds, I'd kick myself.

    I do not like peds whatsoever. They scare me to death. It's a whole different set of rules and guidelines for everything. But I figure I can handle a few if I have to as long as it's not all peds.

    So I went the FNP route.umpiron:

  4. by   mvanz9999
    I've been following the multiple threads about FNP vs Whatever. My question is....WHAT is ACNP or ANP (for example) getting that FNP is not? There has to be something. The reason I say this is that the ACNP or AP all have nearly the same (and in some cases MORE) required education hours. So something has to be going on.....

    It's all very confusing.