A thread specifically for MUSC MSN/DNP students

  1. The school doesn't have a way for us to get in touch before orientation, yet we all need to travel, find a place to stay, etc. And it will be a turmultuous week and we may not have much time to meet and greet. Lets get to know each other so there is a familiar "face" in the crowd. So if you are bound for MUSC in any discipline, let's get acquainted.
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  3. by   Fab1
    Great idea! I'll start the responses. I'm Denise. I am a Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist (Child & Family). I am half time faculty at a University Medical School in NJ for their Department of Psychiatry. In that capacity I teach medical students and see patients in an advanced practice capacity at a county Psychiatric facility.I also have my own practice where I prescribe medications and do therapy mostly with children and adolescents. I'm married and have a 23 year old stepson who is graduating college this May and a 7 year old little princess who is in the 1st grade. I am in the part time post MSN entry track for the MUSC DNP program. I am really looking forward to this adventure and look forward to meeting everyone! Where are most people planning to stay during the July orientation?