3-year CNM programs

  1. Has anyone heard of a CNM program out there that takes 3 years (not 2) full-time? I was just thinking through what would happen if, some time waaay in the future, I decide to go back to England with my US CNM degree. Apparently I wouldn't have a chance of registering as a midwife unless I had taken a 3-year program, so that got me wondering whether such a thing exists in the States.
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  3. by   May_baby
    Yale, Columbia, UPenn...

    Check out:


    For more info on programs and their accredidation.

    **Oops, do you already have a Nursing degree??
    Most 3 years programs are that length because they are "direct-entry".
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  4. by   cherrymary
    Yeah, sorry, I should have clarified that May_baby!! I'm applying to the 3-year direct-entry programs, but the masters itself is only 2 years, so I'm wondering if there are ANY 3-year fulltime masters specialty programs in the US (not including the first RN year).