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Post anesthesia impaired memory

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As a pacu nurse, i have had patients claim something occured preoperatvely, or in pacu that simply didnt occur. Want to know if other nurses have had this expeience and how yohandled it with a patient. Who insists his or her memory is accurate.


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Also in PACU patients can hear and remember before they appear 'awake'. I had a patient who was sure she had arrested in PACU. The patient had heard nurses talking about another patient (actually the event the nurses were talking about had happened on another day). The patient thought the nurses were talking about her. I remembered the conversation and I think I was able to convince the patient that she had not arrested. I try to be very careful about what is said around patients as they emerge.

wtbcrna, MSN, DNP, CRNA

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Hearing is the last sense you lose when going to sleep/under and often the first thing to come back.


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