Possible Needlestick


I work at a jail if that helps.

I was cleaning an individuals wound today and putting new bandages on and what not. Well I was finishing up and I was cutting the gauze away from the person but i slightly cut through my glove and a little bit of skin. I didn't feel it and I didn't bleed. The scissors never touched the pt, I pulled the gauze away from the pt and cut. I let my boss, we filled out a needle stick protocol. She said I had nothing to worry about, I might need a tetanus shot. The scissors are chained to the wound cart. I cleaned my the top of the finger and the little skin flap, but again no bleeding and it never meant contact with this pt. I was the only one to use the scissors that day.

I dont know am I just freaking out?

I know we have used them on other people and they are supposed to clean them when they are done.

Any input would be awesome

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Sorry that must have been scary. Unfortunately noone here can give you medical advice per the terms of service. I would discuss it with your provider if you have concerns.