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Positive Coomb's test newborn


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a newborn pt had a positive coomb's test but the mom is Rh+. im just confused about the whole test, what is it drawn for? i was under the impression that a problem occurred only if the baby had a positive coombs test AND the mom was Rh negative

Was the mom Type O, or is the baby a different type than the mom? If so, she can make anti-A or Anti-B (or Anti-A,B) to Type A and B blood which can cross the placenta and cause a positive Coombs for the baby if the baby's blood type isn't her own. This is a common reason for a positive coombs on a baby, although there are other antibodies that can cross the placenta to cause positive coombs and Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn (antibodies to Kell antigens and other Rhesus system antigens).