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Hi! I took the NCLEX last month (September '16), finished it at 265 questions in 5hrs... I tell you, it was draining but i didn't get frustrated because i know that I'm doing well as long as the computer is still giving me some questions. I got a lot of SATA, drag and drop AND PRIORITY Qs. After the exam i felt confident that i made it , i didn't feel tired nor hungry because i when there prepared. I did the pearson vue trick after 1hr, 10 hrs, 24hrs n after 2 days but i didn't get the good pop up. I was devastated/furious because i thought i failed as everyone is saying W/O a "GOOD POP UP" You didn't make it, after that i quit checking and i leave everything behind. 64hrs after, my Husband check the BON site and hello! My name was there with my license number and expiration. "I made it! and after 5 days i got my Certificate and a letter of Congratulations... Know I'm a BSN RN. The POP UP is not doing good for me and it is NOT RELIABLE.

In case your wondering what tools/books I have used to study. I used KAPLAN, HURST and studied a little bit in Saunders book but the questions in Saunders is way too easy for me. ;-)

Silverdragon102, BSN

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