FT psych vs PD in 2 hospitals? help pls!

Poll: Stay at FT job or work PD in 2 hospitals?

  • Stay FT, job security is more important than flexibility

    0% 0
  • Stay FT until your ready to start a family, those 3 months of paid maternity leave are golden

    50.00% 2
    1. elizanne
    2. MEBz045
  • Go PD in both hospitals, quality of life is more important than job security

    0% 0
  • Go PD in both hospitals, the experience and exposure you will pick up is worth the risk.

    25.00% 1
    1. Whispera
  • Go find a PT job and work PD for extra cash.

    25.00% 1
    1. xenogenetic
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